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Wastewater Projects

Con-Tech Environmental

Beginning in 1994, Con-Tech has experienced steady growth through strong referrals from previous clients.  The success of Con-Tech originated in commercial and industrial construction, specializing in pre-engineered metal buildings & industrial complexes then expanded to water and wastewater treatment plants, sewage pump stations and lagoons.

Anchored by local employees dedicated to providing superior service and grounded in the philosophy that our core values are as important as the bottom line, we strive to provide an excellent construction experience to our customers. We put significant effort into working effectively with the project engineers to assist in delivering quality and value on the projects we are engaged in. The same approach is being taken, as a specialty service provider with-in the industry, whether delivering Enbiorganic services as a subcontractor or in a direct to community service application.

Con-Tech has been involved with many water and wastewater projects, which can be found here.

Wastewater Management System

Enbiorganic Technologies

EnBiorganic Technologies has an extensive history of providing water and wastewater solutions. Their focus on innovation and years of extensive field experience has allowed them to engineer a one platform solution. Their unique system for wastewater management is highly effective, requiring minimal input costs and little to no maintenance costs. It’s compact and compatible with existing infrastructures.

They treat wastewater the way nature does – with microbiology. Their customized microbial agent is formulated specifically for the unique needs of each site, with assured results that are exceedingly better than government NPDES permit regulations. EnBiorganic Technologies is redefining water and wastewater treatment and its relationship with nature, in environmentally sustainable ways.

Community Solutions

Municipal/Regional Wastewater

EnBiorganic Technologies has an extensive history of providing wastewater solutions for municipalities both large and small. Their focus on innovation and years of extensive field experience has allowed them to engineer turn-key systems and solutions that create sustainable value while also creating a positive impact on our ecosystem.

Con-Tech is ideal partner for EnBiorganic with significant wastewater system construction experience such as SPS construction, force mains, new lagoons and modifications to existing community infrastructure. Our experience of constructing the wastewater collection and treatment systems makes us aware of some of the biggest - and in many cases, most expensive - challenges with typical wastewater treatment and system maintenance items such as desludging.

EnBiorganic Technologies


Sludge Reduction

The process improves the condition of the collection system by reducing odor and degrading fats, oils and grease (FOG), as well as reducing organic loadings to wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) or Lagoon systems. It increases the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the wastewater treatment process.

Aeration Energy Savings

A reduction in influent BOD loads and the presence of improved microbiology in the process will reduce your energy costs. No special electrical requirements, unit needs only 30 amp single phase supply. Can immediately be placed in service resulting in quick results.

Reduced Operational and Maintenance Costs

The process can extend and protect the life of existing infrastructure by converting the sewer collection system into an active, beneficial part for the wastewater treatment process.
Increases the useful life of new and existing collection systems and related infrastructure.

  • Reduces operation and maintenance costs.

  • Reduces surcharges for high discharge levels of polluted water and odors.

  • Treatment as a Service (TaaS).

  • Requires no capital expenses\Required additional training included.

  • Reduces the need for storage.

  • Remote 24/7 monitoring.

  • Secure entry.

  • Digests wastewater sludge to decrease related costs.

  • Controls FOG (fat, oil and grease).Breaks down pollutants and solids.

  • Controls odor and corrosion.

  • Maximizes capacity of collection system with the removal of excess biofilm accumulations of sediments and FOG, a major contributor to overflows.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an EBS-Di?

EnBiorganic’s EBS-Di system is a one platform solution for wastewater management, requiring little to no maintenance. It is compact and compatible with existing infrastructures

How does it work?

The EBS-Di system treats wastewater the way nature does – with microbiology. Their customized microbial agent is formulated specifically for the unique need of each site.

How does it benefit existing infrastructure?

Through the use of microbiology, the EBS-Di system can reduce sludge, create savings in aeration energy, and reduce operation and maintenance costs while also prolonging systems currently in place

Is it safe?

EnBiorganic’s microbiology consists of several strains of naturally occurring soil bacteria that replace traditional microbiology for wastewater treatment solutions. Their refined formulation has been proven to treat wastewater with minimal energy input in traditional wastewater treatment processes and eliminate traditional biosolids that are harmful to the ecosystem. This supports a sustainable solution for the treatment of wastewater which is directly linked to improved economics, improved productivity and improved environmental performance.


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